What is Resonanzboden

The project “Resonanzboden” was developed alongside the bidding for the model project “House of Resources” initiated by the federal office of migration and refugees and successfully started in september 2016 under the funding body of the .lkj).

The essential goal of “Resonanzboden” is to support and foster the developmental potenials of associations, unions, initiatives, organisations, groups and individuals who work towards integration on a long term basis. The experiences of “LAMSA e.V.”, our partner in cooperation who could already successfully accompany and council migration organisations and initiatives regarding the development and realisation of their own project ideas, indicate that the need for counceling and support is especially high among structurally inexperienced groups and initiatives. Hereby possibilities of participation are meant to be created and the own development of projects strenghend and stabilised with the aid of adequate measures. Locally the support covers Magdeburg and its surrounding area.

The actual meaning of “Resonanzboden” refers to the capturing of minimal vibrations and impulses and the amplification of the latter. This very mode of operation resembles in form and content the core and basis of our project. Our intentions are to pick up, reflect and potentialise the most diverse activities in the intercultural scene of Magdeburg; in the realms of cultural and creative centers which are recorded by the sound board.

We support

“Resonanzboden” offers possibilities of support in 4 areas


Word & Deed
– Councelling regarding project development and financing (individuals and groups)
– Directions to find the affiliates and cooperation partners
– Cooperation and networking


Places & Events
– Meeting rooms
– Exhibition rooms
– Event locations (theatre, music, films)


Analog & Digital
– Technical equipment (sound, lights, stages)
– Public relations (print, online)


Education & commitment
– Courses (language, education, culture)
– International meeting
– Voluntary commitment


Meetings and project workshops which are used by the target group to further develop their own ideas take place on a regular basis. Also in 2017 there is going to be an annual call for bids regarding the support of micro projects in which the participants can take part presenting their own ideas.

Supported projects will be professionally accompanied by the “Resonanzboden” team. Those initiatives and organisations whos projects cannot be supported will be councelled and assisted regarding project application as well as other possibilies of financial aid.

Those migrat organisations which are directly supported by the workshops will have the possibility to attend courses regarding project development (project management, public relations, documentation, management of volunteers, etc.).

The associations, companies and individuals located at the Brandenburger street 9-10 in Magdeburg are ready to assist groups of migrants with their expertise, their resources and contacts to create learning possibilities on both sides.

Modes of working

The focus is going to be directed at the project workshops which offer a wide variety of assistance from open space to courses of instruction to even individual councelling. The aim is to enable the intercultural scene to acquire funds to allow for the realisation of their own micro projects with e.g. the “House of Resources” and other institutions.

Other modes of working cover workshops in the field of arts (music, theatre, visual arts or movies) but also internships with start up companies active in the field of creativity.

Goals of the projects

  1. Activation and manifestation of powers of self-help in the migrants as well as in the mirgation organisations
  2. Fostering of citizenship commitment in the migration organisations
  3. Fostering of sustainable structures in the migration organisations
  4. Support of cultural core areas
  5. Development of new intercultural and inclusive projects
  6. Transferability of the ideas and initiatives to other localities