Partners & Miscellaneous


Miscelleous l events and projects connects interested learners of German with volutary language companions

The concept behind BEGINN NEBENAN is based on direct contact through which dialogue at eye level  between the newly arrived and the settled people of Magdeburg is made possible. Through personal interaction and the cultural exchange fears can be erased and trust can be build. On a long term basis the project tries to develop a differentiated picture of the other.

Kiezrebellion fosters the contact and exchange between young peope with different cultural backgrounds and different living conditions (e.g. young refugees, young migrants and adolescents grown up in the quarters of the city) and offers them the possibility to conquer their own quarter of the city through a cultural “rebellion”.

All tight up on the country side?

The term “Dehnungsfuge” was consciously chosen from the builders jargon. This special splice equalises the swelling and retracting of cracks – real cracks in building material and parts, symbolic cracks in a society caught between young and old, between poor and rich as well as  culture and commerce.

IMPULS -Festival für neue Musik in Sachsen-Anhalt 2016
We want to point out the youth project “Wind der Freiheit” (wind of freedom) which is part of the festival of new music in Saxony Anhalt. It premiers on sunday, november 13th, at 5 p.m. at the “Schauspielhaus Magdeburg”.

entry: 10 / 5 / refugees are granted free admission